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Welcome to Our Forum!

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1 Welcome to Our Forum! on Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:59 pm

Hi there, and welcome!

This is a place for art students to ask questions and get help! You can also upload artworks for feedback! (: We have heard from artists of all ages, all over the world, that they need somewhere to go to learn and talk to other artists - so here we are!

I am a professional artist, cartoonist and illustrator and I work in most traditional media. I also work in graphic design and have taught animation as well as pretty much all the areas I work in. If you want to find out more about me, this might help: If I don't know the answer to your art-related question, I will find out for you (: (I'm always learning too!)

If you want to enrol in art lessons, please go to or to watch videos go to our Youtube channel at  We are just getting started, so I hope we will grow over time!

Our blog page also has advice, articles and tips: and you can find us on facebook for your convenience (:

So get involved! We only ask that you keep your language PG rated (that is, appropriate for children) as Blueberry Beetle is a safe space for kids as well, and that you keep comments POSITIVE and SUPPORTIVE! (: (That is, be nice!)

Again, welcome, and all the best!! Enjoy, learn and help others! Good journey!

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